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$35 Advance/ $40 at the door

Channeling Symposium – Spirit Speaks! Feel the Spirit and help us to support those in need with tonight’s gala event for the Affordable Service Dog Program.

Join us as we commune with Spirit and learn from world renown Channels the “hows & whys” of their craft. Enjoy the energies as our channels invite Spirit to speak through them, bringing forth information and frequencies needed to assist Earth and Humanity in moving the Divine Plan forward.

This cumulative event, following a week of Channeling Workshops, will give you the opportunity to learn what it is like to have Spirit flow through your being.

Our Amazing Team of Channels

Mary & Gary O’Brien of The Path of DZAR

Liz & Giselle of God Manifesting

Gene Martynova fully connected with a collective and the universe

Sally Knuckles of the Northern Virginia Metaphysical Fellowship

Ashley & Jim Cash of Woven Green

Rocco the Shamanic Drummer

Schedule of Events

6PM How do we know when music and art are channeled? Rocco and Woven Green will perform channeled music and answer questions from the audience

7PM Our Panel of Channels will enjoy a lively conversation moderated by Bonita Woods, give demonstrations of their connections and answer questions from the audience.

Our Amazing Panel of Channels will have books, music and artwork for sale and on display. You can also book private healing sessions with them and learn of upcoming events.

Tickets are $40 at the door or $35 in advance

100% of tonight’s tickets sales go to the Affordable Service Dog Program. For the past 5 years Bonita & Zander Woods have been helping people to train their own service dogs. We are ready to take this program online so we can help people all across our country to be able to have a service dog in a timely and affordable manner. Thank you so much for your support!

Currently, average support dogs costs $20,000, $50,000, or more and have several (2 – 5) years wait list. This situation is not tenable for people who need support in the here and now. We consider this to be a crisis situation for the Support Needs community. BWWI developed an affordable service dog program that can immediately get your dog to you, connect you to an appropriate service dog trainer and involve your family with the actual training. Family involvement with service dog training is very therapeutic and wonderfully enjoyable.