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Doors Open at 7pm

Meditation begins at 7:30

Tickets $20

Optional: bring yoga mat, pillow, and blanket


We are living in chaotic times of tumultuous change and it is evermore important to practice slowing down, connecting-in, and grounding with the earth. There is a powerful and ancient alchemical process that takes place when we journey deep within our own hearts and unite with the consciousness of the sacred earth. Together we form a bridge of light from the womb of the great mother to the cosmic chords of unconditional love.


Woven Green Uses sound as an intentionally activated energetic tool to elevate and realign meditators to a higher and more harmonious frequency. Their soundscapes are designed to guide listeners into theta brain wave states, which are proven to help reduce stress, awaken intuition, enhance creativity, and promote an overall expanded state of well-being. Instruments include crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Native Flutes, nature sounds, Vocal toning, and Wind Gong. Audiences report profound transcendental experiences, enhanced inner vision, and stress relief. You won’t want to miss it!