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Sound Healing Retreat

Join Woven Green for a Week Full of Sound Healing, Yoga, Qi Gong, Pristine Nature, and Clean Food!

Email Us at info@wovengreenmusic.com to register

 7 Night/6 Day All Inclusive Retreat $1735-$2320


Hosted by Woven Green and Planetary Music

in Costa Rica, Finca de Vida (Farm of Life)

Jim and Ashley Cash of Woven Green with Dave Mascatello of Planetary Music invite you to join them for a one-of-a-kind transformational healing experience at their Sound Activation & Healing Retreat in Costa Rica, Finca de Vida (Farm of Life).

March 28th-April 4th 2020   

– Enter Paradise for a Healing Experience
– Experience release and rejuvenation
– Daily Workshops and performances
– Eco-tours to beaches and waterfalls
– Private Sound Healing Sessions
– Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremonies
– Superfoods and Organic Vegan Cuisine

Allow Nature to Heal You with the aid of Healing Sounds during this all-inclusive 7 day/6 night retreat in Costa Rica! This retreat is designed to be an uplifting, rejuvenating and energetically transformative healing experience in the beautiful jungle setting of the Diamante Valley.

Special daily Woven Green sound healing workshops and meditations are included as well as a concert of uplifting heart-centered Woven Green music on the final night.  You will learn about sound as a healing transformative tool and receive both clearing and activating sound and energy group sessions as well as one included private sound healing session.  This is an opportunity to clear your energy fields and to allow for earth-grounded and upgraded celestial energetic re-patterning to heal and transform you.

During the week, you’ll have plenty of free time to explore the 36-acre farm and will have the opportunity to enjoy daily yoga or qi gong sessions as well as 3 meals a day featuring an organic blend of raw, Ayurvedic and cooked vegetarian cuisine. Daily eco-tours with transportation to pristine beaches, Nayaca and Peace waterfalls, and jungle hikes where you may spot monkeys or sloths!  You’ll also have a chance to learn about nourishing plants and superfoods and to receive instruction on the ancient practices of sun gazing, qi gong, and yoga.  Additional private sessions can be booked for massage and light therapy.

Farm of Life, Costa Rica is in the Southwest Costal Region, near the Pacific Ocean and halfway between Dominical and San Isidro in the Diamante Valley (Valley of Diamonds).

At Finca de Vida (Farm of Life), special attention has been given to amplifying the natural healing potential of the land and creating beautiful spaces for relaxation and restoration.  The farm campus includes a spring-fed bathing pool, a chemical free swimming pool, organic farm, greenhouse, ornamental garden, meditation spaces, and barefoot walking trails!  Each of the four corners of the farm have been set with quartz crystal points with coiled coper wires to amplify the powerful natural earth frequencies in order to optimize the healing potential of the land!   Finca de Vida also has installed a Tesla shield with a 10k range pulsing 24/7 in order to offset the negative impacts of the Farm’s WiFi capabilities.  A true haven for natural healing and restoration!

Retreat Hosts

Woven Green

Woven Green is an award-winning husband and wife musical duo who also specialize in sound and vibrational healing. This multi-instrumentalist team performs a range of musical offerings from ambient soundscape journeys to concerts featuring their signature blend of folk, rock, world, and new age music infused with the power and poetry of a modern sage. They are also skilled workshop presenters and inspirational speakers who invite listeners and participants to journey into something deeper – a connection, a healing, and a spiritual experience, helping to awaken the sacred connection with the earth, cosmos, and the unified source within us all. Woven Green has released multiple fan-funded albums and has been actively performing their visionary music for more than 12 years. They are local to the DC metro area and are currently touring nationally and internationally.

Both Jim and Ashley Cash of Woven Green hold B.A. degrees in Cultural Anthropology from George Mason University where their studies focused on ethnomusicology, folklore, mythology, psychology, eastern religion, and philosophy. Both have additionally been devoted to extensive private studies in the areas of yoga, energy healing, shamanism, and sound healing.

Jim Cash is a visionary musician, award-winning songwriter, poet, sound healer and inspirational speaker.  Jim draws his inspiration from the natural world and from his own spiritual call to serve as a way shower for the acceleration and elevation of human consciousness. His works emerge as a beacon of light, illuminating a path of spirit, hope, and the limitless potential of the human experience. Awakening the highest and most authentic expression of love and joy, and communing with the healing power of nature, are some of the themes woven into Jim’s compositions, inspirational speeches, and healing work.


Ashley Cash is a singer, sound healer, musician, and artist. She is gifted with a crystalline vocal tone and has cultivated vocal precision that allows her to sing and tone in many different styles. Whether transmitting the message of Jim’s poetry, or in service as a channel for healing and empowering energies, Ashley’s voice has a way of resonating directly with the heart.  As a sound healer, she works to assist clients into a harmonious and balanced state in order to achieve their own healing and inner alchemy.  Ashley uses vocal toning, chanting, tuning forks, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, binaural beats, pure tone sound wave frequencies, and shamanic drumming to align with and transmit powerful healing energies.

For the retreat, Jim and Ashley will be offering a range of informative and experiential sound healing workshops with an emphasis on attuning and activating the chakra system and sharing themes such as archetypal imagery, sacred geometry, the science and structure of sound, artistic visionary creation,  integration and empowerment.

Dave Mascatello, Planetary Music

Dave Mascatello is a musician, booking agent, music promoter, and organic farmer. He also is a huge advocate for health foods, gardening, wellness, & spirituality. Dave’s personal goal is to uplift the spirit of humankind and the planet through music, art, health, and education. He works with many different superfoods and superherbs including cacao, maca, spirulina, reishi mushroom & other medicinal mushrooms, holy basil, turmeric, & ginger only to name a few.  Dave gives talks on superfoods, superherbs, foraging, and gardening and also channels healing energy through his music, as a creative way to connect to spirit and the people in the world around him.

For the retreat, Dave will be offering a Superfoods workshop and private Ajna light sessions for opening the pineal gland.  The Ajna light is an incredible device that helps a person go deeper into meditation. The light sends specific light frequencies through LED lights to help induce an experience for the person undergoing a session. It sends out Gamma, Theta, Delta, Alpha, & other frequencies on the brainwave frequency spectrum.

Brian and Jody Calvi, Owners Finca de Vida

Husband and wife team Brian and Jody Calvi, are health enthusiasts with giant hearts. Their respective histories with disease and long fights for recovery inspired them to open Farm of Life. They are grateful for the healing journey they’ve experienced and feel their higher purpose is to give back to others in need. Brian and Jody are here to assist guests, support your healing journey, arrange tours and services and make your visit exemplary. Brian’s farm tours and personality are a highlight for many on the Farm.

Brian will be offering an informative tour of the farm and introduction to the ancient practice and technique of sun gazing.  Through his healing service he teaches the principals and techniques of optimal health and how to integrate a healthy lifestyle into a daily practice. He encourages a simple raw food diet, no overt fats, green juices, colonics, daily meditation, Yoga, exercise, forgiveness, healthy thoughts, affirmations, rest, sungazing, sunbathing, barefoot walking and/or loving service.  Also available to you during the retreat, is use of Brian’s crystal light rack for balancing the 7 chakras!

Jody will be offering a Qigong class at the retreat that emphasizes self-healing, chi (energy) cultivation, joint mobility, inner alchemy, gentle circular movements and meditative breathing. The practice of qigong balances Yin-Yang and the 5 Elements, detoxifies the skin, brain, and internal organs, nourishes the joints, optimizes immunity, rejuvenates and increases vitality.


” The Sound Activation and Healing retreat was phenomenal in every way. I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful setting at the Farm of Life, the congenial people in the group, the variety of activities, and the fresh, tasty food. The soundscape sessions with Woven Green were the core of the healing experience. For me, they underlined the truth of the saying that music is a universal language. The daily group soundscape sessions were powerful meditative experiences; my individual soundscape session was intense and deeply restorative. Thank you, Jim and Ashley, for a fabulous week of healing and fellowship.” -Judith Stevenson 2019
“The retreat at the “Farm of Life” offers a perfect path for healing and to experience soul solace. Set in a shamanic valley, this magical place is where time seems to take on another essence.  Waterfalls, beaches, jungle hikes, yoga, spiritual ceremonies, healing food, sunsets, sunrises, are all shared by other caring, sharing, passionate seekers of their own Truth. It provides the safe womb for spiritual re-birth and growth.  All these alone are worth the journey, yet nothing can compare to experiencing the music of Woven Green. Their music opens the door to that important inner journey for those seeking a healing transformation. The mercurial music of Jim Cash, a wizard with flute and guitar, and the ethereal voice of Ashley Cash both served to guide me on a sound inspired mystical exploration of self-knowing.  I hope that you will be inspired to follow your path to your next level of healing and awakening. My path may be unique to me, but the theme is universal. We have all been lost, but this is your chance to find your way back home, by traveling with Woven  Green to Costa Rica.” -Michael Zawadzki 2019


All the rooms at Finca de Vida rooms are styled to bring you closer to nature while giving you the comforts of modern amenities, enabling you to relax and recharge. All rooms have screened windows, flush toilets, electricity, ceiling fans, warm showers and high-speed internet.   Prices listed are all-inclusive and vary depending on accommodations. Please note that the price of the retreat is reduced when booking accommodations for 2-4 guests. More details on cost can be found below the accommodation and menu listings.

Coconut and Monkey Houses (Casas Coco y Mono)  

Best option for a couple wanting privacy!

Each House can accommodate up to 4 guests – 2 Queen beds!

Premier, family-style accommodations are stunningly beautiful and have epic views of the surrounding mountains and to the distant Pacific Ocean. Each cabin has a pair of queen beds, walk-in closet, private bathroom, outdoor shower and balcony with hammocks and rocking chairs. They are fully equipped with electricity, hot showers, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screen windows, canopied bed and Wifi.

The balcony has a child-friendly banister. The outdoor showers are an exotic experience. In Casa Mono, the Deity shower backs up to the forest, where monkeys and birds may be peeking in on you. In Casa Coco, the spiral shower with painted jungle murals is it’s own world. These two cabins are located closest to the Yoga Rancho than anywhere else.  It is a 5-minute downhill walk from these cabins to the Dining Hall.  No single occupancy offered.

$ 2320 each for 1 guest

$ 1980 each for 2 guests

$ 1867 each for 3 guests

$ 1810 each for 4 guests

*Monkey House is currently booked, Coconut house is still available!  


Cabin in the Orchard (Cabana de la Huerta) 

Cabin in the Orchard is settled in a fruit orchard and surrounded by Ylang Ylang trees. This lovely accommodation is built entirely of wood – gorgeous purple heart and cedar – with large windows and French doors. This cabin has 2 side-by-side rooms – The Ylang Ylang room and the Sacred Ceiba room. The rooms have either a king bed or 2 twin beds, and can be single or double occupancy. Each room has a private entrance and a private outdoor bathroom with shower.

Guests enjoy showering under the stars, surrounded by Bougainvillea blooms. A spacious front porch connects both rooms and commands a direct view of the evening sunsets. Fully equipped with electricity, hot water, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screened windows and Wifi. These balconies do not have hammocks, and do have a child-friendly banister.


$2170 each for 1 guest

$1905 each for 2 guests

*Still Available! 




Butterfly Suite (Mariposa Suite) 

A charming and private bungalow perched on a hillside overlooking the deep green jungle of the Bora Canyon Nature Preserve. Awaken to the enchanting sounds of tropical birds, the distant voice of the howler monkeys, and the gentle warmth of the sun rising over the mountains. This room has a queen bed, private indoor bathroom and outdoor balcony with hammock and rocking chairs.

Fully equipped with electricity, hot shower, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screen windows, canopied-bed and Wifi.

$2170 each for 1 guest

$1905 each for 2 guests

*Still Available!


Toucan and Macaw (Tucán y Lapa)

Toucan and Macaw are bunk rooms that can each accommodate up to 4-people. Perched on a hillside, the decks overlook a lush, green valley and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Frequent sightings of Hawks’ adrift on the air currents and Toucans. There are two side-by-side rooms – the Toucan and Macaw rooms.


Each room has 2 sets of bunk beds, a private indoor bathroom and balcony with hammock and rocking chairs. Fully equipped with electricity, hot showers, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screen windows and Wifi.

$1830 each for 2 guests

$1767 each for 3 guests

$1735 each for 4 guests

*Toucan house currently has 2 female guest booked – roommates wanted!  Macaw house is still available!  


The retreat menu includes exotic tropical fruits, fresh greens and herbs from the green house and local produce! Farm of Life Chefs will prepare healthy, delicious and all natural meals, served buffet style, featuring a blend of raw, ayurvedic and cooked vegetarian cuisine. All meals are free of gluten and dairy; eggs will be served some mornings. Enjoy tropical fruit, fresh coconuts, natural spring water and medicinal teas throughout the day! Smoothies, Coconut water and coffee will be served in the mornings before yoga.  Please let us know how we may fulfill any special dietary needs.

[Sample Menu]

Pricing and Registration

7 Night/6 Day All Inclusive Retreat

$1735-$2320 (see accommodations for details on price variance)


$500 deposit per person is due upon registration.  The remaining balance will be Due by Feb 27, 2020.  Email us to register.

*Limited to 15 participants – Subject to Availability

Reservations Are Made by Contacting Woven Green

Email: info@wovengreenmusic.com

Phone: 703-209-1035

All Inclusive:

  • Accommodations 7 nights at Finca de Vida
  • Round Trip San Jose Transfer: Bus leaving Aeroport Hotel in SJ at 7 a.m March 28th, bus leaving Farm of Life April 4th 10a.m
  • Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner –  Raw/Vegan Meals, (Eggs Also Available), Ayurvedic-Gluten Free
  • Waterfalls, Beach, Farm, and Market Tours
  • Daily Sound Healing Workshops with Woven Green
  • 1 Private Sound Healing Session with Jim or Ashley Cash
  • Concerts and performances of uplifting, heart centered Woven Green music
  • Cacao Ceremony with Ecstatic Dance
  • Superfoods Workshop with Dave Mascatello.
  • Introduction guided Sunrise sun-gazing with Brian Calvi.
  • Use of amenities at Farm of Life including Chemical free Infinite Pool, Jungle gym & Walking trail hikes, Morning and Evening Sungazing Vortex, Wifi

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel up to 30 days in advance of the retreat and your spot is able to be filled, you will be charged only a $75 administrative fee. If you cancel and your spot is not filled, then you will lose your entire payment unless you choose to apply this payment as a credit toward the following year’s retreat tuition.  If you cancel with less than 30 days written notice there will be no refund or credit.  If the retreats are canceled by the retreat host or facilitators, all participants will receive a full refund. However, any travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

Air travel

Air travel is not included in the all-inclusive price.  Transport to and from the airport to the retreat site will be provided. Prices do include any Costa Rican sales tax that may be applicable.

Note: All retreat participants will have to pay a departure tax of $28 USD at the airport in Costa Rica before returning to the United States.

We recommend flying direct to San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica, if possible, to avoid any potential travel delays or problems.  If you do not live in Costa Rica, you must have a passport.

*Important—Please Read Below before booking your flight

The retreat starts on March 28th, so you will need to arrive in Costa Rica by March 27th. The retreat shuttle will pick everyone up at Margarita’s Guest House (which is where we recommend everyone stay if possible) about 7 a.m. March 28th and bring you all to your first adventure. (Taxi from Airport to Margarita’s Guest House or other accommodation is not included).  On the 28th you’ll be shuttled straight to the Dominical Beach, so wear your bathing suit underneath!  We’ll meet you on the beach and provide lunch and shuttle to the Farm.

On the last day of the retreat, which is April 4th, the retreat shuttle will bring you back to the airport early that morning so that you can make an afternoon flight from 2 p.m. onward on the 4th or bring you to Margarita’s Guest House for a flight the next day, on April 5th. To give yourself enough time, we recommend booking return flights home at 2 pm or later if leaving on April 4th.

If not using the complimentary transportation that will be provided during the specific scheduled window of time we have arranged, you will be responsible (including expenses) for getting yourself to and from the retreat location. Options include: taxis, shuttles, buses or rental cars.

What to Bring

You will be sent an email with a detailed list of things to bring with you.

Please Email Us Your Questions

Questions? We’re happy to help.