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Shadow within the light is a transformational retreat in which you will take a sacred journey into your shadow aspect, allowing you to express the repressed emotions and transcend them, which in turn will lead to deepening your sense of empowerment. You will have the opportunity to go into your light and dark frequencies from a neutral and loving position, allowing you to heal your relationship with these polarities and merge the two to enhance a profound inner sense of coherence and freedom from old patterns. Going into the fourth dimensional body (emotional and mental bodies) allows you to facilitate a deeper communication with yourself, helping you develop an innate emotional maturity on a personal and collective level. Here you will become an explorer of the being with no judgments and no second thoughts about who you are and what you become when you are in that state of openness and vulnerability. The program is formatted to create a safe container in which to experience the concepts of the light frequencies, dark frequencies, and emotions on a consciousness and experiential level, allowing you to embark on a journey into the temple of the self. We are intentionally creating this container for all of you to allow all the good, the bad, the beauty and the ugly to come together in a conscious way, for it to be healed and integrated within the light.

Come ready to go into the emotional body and express what you have repressed, what has been holding you from your full expansion and potential. As facilitators, we will be helping you create long-term transformation and healing by providing tools and techniques, further assisting you to take full responsibility and self-love for your own personal growth. Throughout the day you will also be assisted by the music and transcendent sounds of Woven Green, who employ a synthesis of ancient and modern instruments, creating the vibrational space and environment to support your process of deepening into the self.

Attendees must have both understanding and some experience with the energy. If you have any questions in regards to this, please email contact@aainstitute.org.

Price: $130 per person -No refunds
Limit Capacity: 20 people (Attendees must be 18 and older, some exceptions may apply)

Different Vegetarian meals as well as snacks will be provided throughout the day.