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Woven Green will be at Starwood Festival 2019!

Tuesday night look for us on the MainStage to kick off the festivities!

Friday night we’ll be offering a midnight sound healing in the puffer dome!  This is going to be epic!

We’ll also host a couple of workshops through out the week, so you can learn more about the healing power of sound and try out some chakra toning.

Our tent will be set up for private sound healing sessions all week/ weekend as well!

You can learn more about Starwood here! starwoodfestival.com

Reawaken, renew, and expand at The Starwood Festival, your festival of transformation

Bring your friends and family to share seven days of timeless magical traditions and

practices, alternative spiritual paths, and deep creative expression. The Starwood Festival is

a celebration of your transformation today. Like the Druids dancing among megalith pillars,

the Viking Norsemen’s magical rituals, and the ancient Greeks’ elaborate Olympic Games,

this is your journey into the mystical paths of our ancestors who celebrated before us.

At the Starwood Festival, you hold the key to releasing the mysterious force that lies within

each of us, embracing the oneness among our diversity, and creating the space to dream

and revitalize together. For nearly four decades, the Starwood Festival community has

gathered together free thinkers, pagans, hippies, music lovers, and all alternative lifestyle

seekers. We invite you to be a part of this year’s festival of transformation.

Reserve your ticket today for the oldest running festival of its kind. Join hundreds of others on

site in the beautiful Wisteria campground. Enjoy cooking your own food at your campsite, or

treat yourself to a diverse selection of foods from our food vendors. Arrive, set up your tent,

and let the Starwood festivities begin.