• Learn to use your voice as a healing instrument and practice along with these 3 minute per chakra tone and mantra tracks. Backing tracks are also available on this download.  Tracks 1-7  include Jim and Ashley toning the vowel sounds and seed syllables or "bija" mantras as an example.  Tracks 8-14 are backing sounds only for use as a practice aid.
    1. Root Chakra - C note 256 Hz - Vowel Sound "Uh" - Seed syllable "Lam" - Element earth
    2. Sacral Chakra - D note 288 Hz - Vowel Sound "Oo" - Seed syllable "Vam" - Element water
    3. Solar Plexus - E note 320 Hz - Vowel Sound "Oh" - Seed syllable "Ram" - Element fire
    4. Heart Chakra - F note 341.3 Hz - Vowel Sound "Ah" - Seed syllable "Yam" - Element air
    5. Throat Chakra - G note 384 Hz - Vowel Sound "Eye" - Seed syllable "Ham" - Element ether
    6. 3rd Eye Chakra - A note 426.7 Hz - Vowel Sound "Aye" - Seed syllable "Sham" - Element space
    7. Crown Chakra - B note 480 Hz - Vowel Sound "Ee" - Seed syllable "Om" - All Elements
  • This album is both a spiritual offering and a story of healing, seeded with themes of transformation, liberation, and a vision for living in reverence and in sacred connection to the earth. "Woven Green's album, 'Into Bloom,' is a standout work of inspiration art that reflects the undeniable musicianship and vocal talent of this one of a kind group. From ballads, to rocking jams and native inspired tunes, Woven Green is an extremely versatile group that offers listeners a journey into something that is even deeper than the music itself – a connection, a healing, a growing, a spiritual experience and a chance to see nature through the eyes, hearts and voices of the duo." -Noteworthy Music Review - May 2017
    1. Breaking Free (3:44)
    2. The Call (5:11)
    3. Slow It Down (3:30)
    4. Ghost Dance (5:19)
    5. Holiday (3:34)
    6. Returning Home (4:01)
    7. Lift It Up (3:37)
    8. A Victorious Smile (3:01)
    9. Turning of the Tides (3:36)
    10. Shante Ishta (3:41)
    11. Woven Green (6:17)
    Download includes a PDF Booklet with album art and lyrics.
  • The 7thGate is a musical odyssey, a multidimensional shamanic experience, and an energetic activation of the 7 chakras (energy centers within the body). Tracks incorporate the resonant frequencies of each corresponding chakra.  Binaural frequencies, vocal toning, native style flutes and drums, stringed instruments, singing bowls and gongs are used throughout. For the complete vibrational experience listen to all tracks in order.  For particular areas of focus, listen to each track individually.
    1. Alzaltel (Earth's Inner Sun) ROOT
    2. Halls of Amenti SACRAL
    3. Goddess of the Flame SOLAR PLEXUS
    4. Lemurian Waves HEART
    5. Caduceus Rising THROAT
    6. Song of Sirius THIRD EYE
    7. Divine Aeon CROWN
  • The Great Return is a shamanic voyage through sound and music.  Each track is designed to guide the listener on a journey within.
    For the complete journey, listen to all tracks in order. Binaural beats and sonic vibrational healing frequencies are present throughout each track.
    Theta brainwave states (deep meditation) are common when listening to these frequencies.
    1. Miakoda (22:09) – a Native American word meaning “the power of the moon.” Recorded during the Super Blue Blood Moon in January 2018.
    2. Wolf Moon (10:06) – A continuation of the moon energy which calls upon the spirit of the wolf, a powerful ally guiding you towards the teacher within.
    3. Upon Arrival (9:07) – This soundscape is intended to both cleanse and activate the etheric body, preparing for entry into mystical realms.
    4. Temple of White Tara (10:07) – An invocation of White Tara, the goddess and bodhisattva of compassion and the reliever of suffering.  White Tara is also associated with the moon.
    5. Shadowlight (10:56) – This soundscape plays between major and minor keys in juxtaposing moods of shadow and light, creating a dynamic interplay that is designed to bring the listener into wholeness.
    6. Chozen (15:56) –  Is a Buddhist word meaning “clear transparent meditation practice.”  This zenful track encourages the honoring of sacred space and the ritual “return” back to source.