CD The 7th Gate


The 7thGate is a musical odyssey, a multidimensional shamanic experience, and an energetic activation of the 7 chakras (energy centers within the body). Tracks incorporate the resonant frequencies of each corresponding chakra.  Binaural frequencies, vocal toning, native style flutes and drums, stringed instruments, singing bowls and gongs are used throughout. For the complete vibrational experience listen to all tracks in order.  For particular areas of focus, listen to each track individually.

  1. Alzaltel (Earth’s Inner Sun) ROOT
  2. Halls of Amenti SACRAL
  3. Goddess of the Flame SOLAR PLEXUS
  4. Lemurian Waves HEART
  5. Caduceus Rising THROAT
  6. Song of Sirius THIRD EYE
  7. Divine Aeon CROWN


JIM CASH flutes, guitars, keyboards, vocals
ASHLEY CASH vocals, drums, percussion, singing bowls, wind gong

NATURE SOUNDS field recorded by Jim and Ashely EXCEPT whale from

Composed, Produced, Engineered, and Mastered by Jim and Ashley Cash at their studio in Sterling, Virginia
©2019 Starseed Global Publishing
All rights Reserved

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