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Learn to play the Native American style flute with Jim Cash.  Jim can help you navigate the basics on the native flute including technique, traditional melodies, scales, and songs.  No prior experience is required.  In just a few lessons, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your flute!  If you are already an experienced Native flute player, Jim can help you learn to read flute tablature and expand your repertoire of traditional songs.

Weekly lessons are recommended but can also be scheduled every-other-week or just a single lesson to try.

Lessons offered via SKYPE, or in-studio located in Sterling, Virginia USA.  CONTACT us to book your session.  SKYPE is a free download and used on both PC and Mac.  A built-in mic on your computer is all you need.  Jim is on Eastern Standard Time and his Skype name is wovengreen.

Need a Native American Style Flute?  We are dealers for the High Spirits® flute company and can help you choose the right flute and key for you!  Please CONTACT us to inquire about ordering a High Spirits® flute.



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Jim Cash is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist who has 15 years of experience as a private music instructor.  He holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from George Mason University and has taught for several music studios, most notably the National Guitar Workshop.  Jim was gifted his first flute in 2010.  Immediately drawn to its powerful primal tones, Jim committed himself to the discipline of learning the instrument, while also allowing for the instrument to simply play him.  He’s been awarded first prize “Most Creative” for his videos of Shante Ishta and Misneach Saoirse by Woodsounds Flutes.  You can hear Jim’s majestic flute playing on Woven Green’s recorded albums which are available on itunes, spotify, youtube, and other digital music outlets including

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30-minute lesson, 45-minute lesson, 60-minute lesson


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