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“Turn Back Around” is a song about the cycles of death and rebirth, trials and tribulations, initiation, fragmentation, the play of opposites (singularity and duality), recapitulation, and resurrection.  The song is also a plea, a cry, an intercession if you will, from the higher self or the oversoul, to return back to the path of heart, and away from the path of greed and domination that have created so much distortion, destruction and suffering.

Turn Back Around

Turn, turn back around, you don’t have to go that way

The path that looks wide and easy to take

Collapses the view, a land laid to waste


Turn, turn back around, I beg of you

Trust, we’ll make it to greater heights

If it takes getting lost, to see how we shine


I will go with you

Through forlorn grounds and into the cave

Scattered in pieces, all senses slain

Dissolved into dust, then reborn again


Break, one into two, the lotus of birth and death

Two become one, eternity passes through

On the threshold we stand, together alone


Chance, or destiny, whatever brought you here

Through this passage of time, the seminal ride

You burst thru the gate, but you walk in blind


On a road of trials

I heard a voice calling my name

Felt too scared to move, but I went anyway

Like a great rush of wind straight into the flame


Climb, onto the edge, take a look down and see

The well of your fear, closing in over you

No exit out if you can’t wake from sleep


Dive into the spring

Down to the core, the great womb of grace

Bring back the boon when you enter awake

Forever atoned in the dance beyond graves



Produced by Marco Delmar
Recorded and mixed by Marco @ Recording Arts, Arlington, VA
Album Art  by Ashley Cash
© 2020 Starseed Global Publishing BMI
Words and music by Jim Cash

Also Available on: iTunes

Streaming on Spotify, Youtube


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