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“Woven Green paints musical beauty with which few can compare. They bring a powerful sensitivity as well as an awe-inspiring sonic palette to their work. Always aware of their situation, they know how to work in churches, nightclubs, or outdoor festivals with equal polish and creative fire. I am especially impressed how they add depth to any event requiring reverence and respect; that is why I try to bring them to our church to share their abundant musical talents whenever possible. Jim and Ashley are musical treasures, and their integrity invites people to join them in a spirit of love, respect and a nod to that divine power which transcends us all.”

-Rev. Scott Sammler Michael

Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church
V.O.I.C.E Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement

January 2015

“The first time I listened to Woven Green, I knew I was in the presence of something very special! Instrumentally, Jim Cash is an exceptionally creative guitarist who expresses his music superbly. Then, Ashley Cash begins to sing and everything blends synergistically! Her emotional presence and vocal control evokes shades of Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, and Linda Ronstadt in a totally unique and personal way. Listen more closely, and you begin to hear touches of the poetry of Walt Whitman, Leonard Cohen and Rumi drifting through the lyrics of Jim’s original songs. On top of all this, anyone who meets this wonderfully loving couple immediately senses their sincerity, authenticity, and respect for everyone in their audience. I am always entertained and inspired by listening to Woven Green’s music, and I recommend them without hesitation. If you’re looking for quality original music, it’s Woven Green.”

-Rev Terry Dearmore
Unity Church of Chantilly
January 2015

“…Whatever alchemy Jim Cash uses to whip these tunes together really works, and the band delivers the songs with professional precision. Tight? Well Hell Yeah! I’ve been to dozens of shows in the last year (Memphis, Nashville, Clarksdale MS, DC area), but this one was the best. This is a band that delivers. If ever a group deserved a wider audience, a deeper look, fame and fortune, this is the one. I urge you to seek out one of their upcoming live shows, then prepare for an outstanding performance.”

-Ricardo White
SAW (Songwriters Association of Washington) Board Member
October 2013

Woven Green Debut EP Recieves 4.5 Stars!
“Woven Green is a bit off the beaten path; creating wonderfully addictive Pop/Folk/Rock songs with highly unusual subject matter. Ashley Cash is going to get comparisons to Grace Slick, among others, and her voice is well-deserving of praise. Jim Cash’s songwriting is also superb; nuanced and complex without ever overdoing on either quality. Woven Green is a superb introduction [and has] an unusually vibrant and intelligent sound. Woven Green’s debut EP, Woven Green, is sure to please.”

-Wildy’s World
December 2009

“Woven Green Weaves some Unique Songs”
“…Woven Green meets their honest aesthetic with songwriting skill…[making] them a band to watch for fans of John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, OAR, Jason Mraz and others of the like…”

-Independent Clauses
January 2010

“Woven Green with Jim & Ashley Cash enchant the audience with an artful intensity that is rare and phenomenal. Their creative performances do not go to predictable places, but each aural feast of a musical moment leads to the next one, and it goes exactly where it ought to go.”

-Ron Goad SAW Showcase Director and Member Board of Directors February 2009

“Woven Green blends influences to empower and entertain…”
-Cascades Conection
December 2009

“Jim and Ashley Cash: I must describe you two as ‘the dynamic duo!’ Again, wow! What I like most about the performance was that you brought your beliefs and ideas to the stage. It is rare that an artist or group of artists can pull that off without the appearance of being on a ‘soap box.’ The music was true to heart. Thank You!”

-Celestino Zapata, Director – Cultural Stage
Adam’s Morgan Day Festival
September 2008