Relix Magazine Jam Off Winner – “Sixth Sun” Nov. 2010 Compelation CD

Jim Cash WAMMIE Nominee 2016 Modern Rock Instrumentalist Washington Area Music Awards

Ashley Cash Nominee 2016 Modern Rock Vocalist Washington Area Music Awards

Positive Music Awards 2017 Empower Music Awards 2017

Woodsounds Flute 2016, 2017

MidAtlantic Song Contest 2010

Mike Pindars Songwars 2010

Woven Green live in 2014 at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, Virginia


Bright Box Theater, Winchester, Virginia

“Woven Green’s album, ‘Into Bloom,’ is a standout work of inspiration art that reflects the undeniable musicianship and vocal talent of this one of a kind group. From ballads, to rocking jams and native inspired tunes, Woven Green is an extremely versatile group that offers listeners a journey into something that is even deeper than the music itself –  a connection, a healing, a growing, a spiritual experience and a chance to see nature through the eyes, hearts and voices of the duo.”

 –Bryon William, Please Pass the Indie

“Woven Green’s “Lift It Up” is an anthemic call to action. It’s no individualistic prompt, however. Rather, this is a song imagining every heart beating as one. It’s expressly universalist in nature…When they call for peace on Earth, it’s easy to connect this song to many of the protest songs in the 60s…This is the sort of song our world could really use right now. So much political discourse is so divided today.”  

-Dan MacIntosh, Skope Magazine

“…it’s difficult to not feel inspired by this overtly positive song.”

Skope Magazine

“…[Lift it Up is] a gorgeous song that intends to soothe the souls out there listening, and they’ve delivered it with 100% commitment…Woven Green displays an astounding level of unity, commitment, heart, and confidence.  In a world full of conflicting thoughts and emotions, Woven Green continues to stay the course and not relent in their positive pursuits and so willingly giving themselves, their time, and their talents, to make this world a better place for us all.  Everyone should appreciate such a selfless couple with such admirable attributes – their love for music, and for each other, radiates beautifully through the music they make so harmoniously together.”


“Jim & Ashley Cash are exceptional musicians and its clear that they also want to reach the souls of the people with their music and help the listener to well-being. Those who have heard the title Lift It Up will notice the mix of acoustic rock, epic strings and a very interesting sound dress. A bit reminiscent of the formation on Fletwood Mac and this is to be seen as a compliment. In the chorus, string sequences in the background bring the song to bear. Not only by adding to this element, the folk alternative rock band has made this song special, but also through a really good vocal style and its rousing melody.” (translated from German)


“Drifting into the weekend, wanting to rise above it all, touch the clouds like that day when my heart took flight … the perfect soundtrack, the sound of transcendence, and the kinda 2nd chance that make “we are the world” enigmatic. “Lift it Up” hits every cord. And while it’s easy to let it settle on matters of the heart, true love sets it free to bloom into what’s its really hear to tell us. And it may require tissues.

Not only is the composition exquisite, the vocals rich in texture, but the way every lyric carries substance and essence wraps grace and rapture into a creed that we all need to learn the lyrics to.

With strength, faith, invitation, and plausibility that takes no side, faith, or agenda, what struck me is this isn’t a song about what I have to do, but a song that says it believes in the best of you. The part of you that thrives for the greatest good in your little corner of home.

In a world of orders, lack, and shoulds.

This refreshing awakening wells me up with a soft yes.

There’s nothing more to say but bloom.”


A hallowed mysticism defines Woven Green’s powerful “Lift It Up”. Everything about the song radiates with a keen sense of optimism. By opting for such a tenderness Woven Green at times recalls the rather lovely atmospherics of the Cocteau Twins in terms of their impeccable sound. Nearly akin to a folksy shoegaze quality the whole of the track appears shrouded in a swirling dream. Easily the highlight of the whole thing comes from the incredible vocals whose silky smoothness feels quite palpable. Instrumentally vibrant Woven Green ensures a great degree of care is utilized in delving deep into an inner power.

Nimble acoustic guitar meshes with the soothing synthesizers. Holding the sweeping sound, the song gains a symphonic quality. By allowing the piece to sprawl out into the infinite the piece has an otherworldly quality. Lyrics focuses upon a better world one more peaceful and compassion. When the drums come into the fray the track bursts forth with such tremendous power. All the many layers of sound interact in a gorgeous spirit for the entirety of the piece feels outright beautiful. On the halfway point of the piece Woven Green lets the energy overflow resulting in a grandiose quality one that feels ever so joyous. Fire and passion dominate the lyrics as they rush to a fantastic fevered finale, one that feels so tremendously optimistic.  

Done with the greatest level of care, Woven Green craft a gorgeous colorful realm with ‘Lift It Up’.”  

Beach Sloth

“Prepare to have your spirits lifted and mood boosted by Woven Green’s latest single Lift It Up, and even further, their album Into Bloom.

Husband/wife multi-instrumentalist and songwriter duo Woven Green deliver a soul nurturing, spirit lifting blend of folk, rock, World and New Age styles for a passionate, emotion stirring wall of sound that has an undeniable healing effect on the mind, body and soul.

In fact, this power couple has a history as workshop presenters and inspirational speakers who invite their audiences to journey into something deeper than just music as entertainment. Their goal is to help you make a connection with your deeper self as well as our connections with the earth, the cosmos and the universal forces that bring us together in this mad, crazy, beautiful and sometimes unbelievable existence.

In other words, Woven Green‘s music is super food for the soul. Don’t forget to clean your plate! And you’ll probably want seconds!”

Joshua Smotherman, Indie Music Discovery

“Have you ever listened to a song and felt like it was speaking right to you? Woven Green’s ‘Lift It Up’ is one of those few songs that requests your undiluted attention from the first chord. It is a masterpiece that tells an important story about how we need to make the world a better place than when we met it. If you are looking for a song that has everything, ‘Lift It Up’ ticks all the right boxes. Woven Green is a band formed by a duo with amazing voices and soulful lyrics.

Jim and Ashley Cash have been musicians for a long time and you can easily tell that their mastery of many instruments comes to play in their music. Because they are such conscious people, their music also reflects their strong, spiritual message. ‘Lift It Up’ is a clarion call to everyone to come together to make this earth a home befitting of this generation and the next, filled with peace and happiness for everyone. You can tell from the lyrics that this means a lot to them and they deliver a strong vocal performance that drives home this message.

Woven Green is a talented band that do their best to put their soul into their music. Ashley has a power song that delivers an enviable vocal piece that is worth emulating. Their message is poetic and you are forced to listen with rapt attention to what they have to say. The lyrics are amazingly written with beautiful literature elements, symbolisms and expressions that don’t fail to amaze the listener. You can easily see what they’re trying to do, and the end result is a song that can go on to be a classic someday.

This Virginia-based husband and wife duo are inspiring and work together in perfect synergy, backed up with quality instrumentals, guitars and strings that serve to accentuate the entire musical experience. While you might be tempted to perceive ‘Lift It Up’ as a progressive rock song, its folk-pop roots are also quite apparent. However, they are aren’t pegged to a certain genre and the music is a refreshing sound that is sure to enjoy a lot of airplay this summer.”  

Ava Mendez, Music Industry News Network
Woven Green Live in 2013 with Guests on violin, keys, percussion, drums and bass

“Woven Green is a band with a focus on creating lush, distinctive sonic textures with a focus on warm melodies and atmospheric textures. The group’s most recent release, “Lift It Up,” is actually a great example of their diverse sound. The music has a larger-than-life feel, with an epic acoustic guitar pattern extending over a synth-driven soundscapes. The vocals are melodic and expressive, reaching a particularly remarkable climax during the choruses, were beautifully harmonies add richness and depth to the mix.

The lyrics are inspiring and heartfelt, giving the audience a much more in-depth experience. I love the crisp, huge sound quality of the production. In particular, the sound of the acoustic guitars is beautiful, and it almost feels like the instrument is right there in the room with you! Ultimately, “Lift It Up” sounds intimate, yet very easy to relate to, making for a truly remarkable feel.” 

The Bandcamp Diaries

“Woven Green are beautifully open-minded; their highly expressive and adventurous nature in their songwriting capabilities helps them move fluidly between styles and sounds. Their voices complement each other so naturally and so gracefully that it’s easy to forget how much craft there is in their music, and how much ingenuity they put into their vocals.” 

“Lift It Up” feels inspiring, creating real spark and real demand among listeners.”

“Woven Green manage to follow a musical path that takes in an expansive roots sound, not just expansive sonically but in that it seems to garner and gather ideas and inspirations from across genre, geography and generation. Global roots music is perhaps a worthy description, if one is needed, being a broad enough term to act as an umbrella for their blend of European folk-rock, green infused grandeur, soaring shamanic pop and stateside honesty. And there is also a shifting chronology at work here too with Woven Green as reminiscent of a 70’s folk-rock revival sound as they are a modern, forward thinking act operating in the here and now.

But that is all just detail. What we are actually dealing with is a gorgeously textured collision of rock’s drama and folk music’s deft and dexterous nature, of pop’s infectiousness and accessible melodies, and a wonderfully spiritual narrative and joyous sonic heartbeat.

Sometimes not knowing where music fits in to the historical canon or what it considers its cultural or generic home is a refreshing and freeing experience. Why be a side note forced into the margin of the existing musical record when you can start writing a whole new chapter for yourself?”


“Just listening to this song alone [Lift it Up], you immediately understand why the album “Into Bloom” has gathered awards and praise, the mixed vocals within this song create an incredible song which gives me an indie-esque vibe. This song is so exceptionally good, that there is nothing wrong with at all (not even a tiny thing). The music, the vocals and the lyrics fit so perfectly within this song that it makes it reach 5/5 even before listening to it all.”


“Woven Green’s single Breaking Free is without a doubt a brilliant work of art. The group is comprised of the husband and wife duo of Jim and Ashley Cash. The chemistry between these two artists flourish in this single. This song has an overwhelmingly inspirational vibe. The timbre of the voice of Ashley is beautifully complimented by the sounds orchestrated by the guitar. If the sounds aren’t enough to inspire you, then the lyrical content will. The songwriting is truly impeccable. The piece of this song that ties everything together to truly make it wonderful is the fantastic production work. With this single, the amazingly talented duo of Woven Green  candidly demonstrates their musical prowess.” Overall Rating 8.5/10

-Quincy Chapman

“Building up with the greatest of care, Woven Green ensures that the eventual catharsis of the finale (Breaking Free) feels fully earned, ensuring that not a single moment is wasted… Sung with true fire and passion, the song simply stuns.”

-Beach Sloth

“…a thrilling song (Breaking Free) that will forever lodge itself into your brain.”


“Let’s raise a glass to timeless, generically unattached, culturally ambivalent and geographically untethered music. Let’s raise a glass to Woven Green. Hurrah!”

Dave Franklin

“’Breaking Free’ is energetic, dynamic and electrifying. OVERALL RATING 4.5/5 ”

The Ratings Game

“Woven Green’s timely message about pulling away from a situation that is no longer useful and draining is revitalizing. The spiritual overtones set out in the chorus and cries of praise to the “great spirit” work well with the music’s fluid nature. For lovers of nature and good music, Breaking Free by Woven Green is a perfect way to keep everything together.

Warlock Asylum

“Jim Cash is one of the finest musicians, anywhere. There are singers, really good singers, great singers, and then there’s Ashley Cash. The two are the most compelling musical duo in this area…”

—Marco Delmar, Recording Arts 13-time WAMA Producer of the Year(Washington Area Music Awards)

“If an artist is measured by their devotion to their art, the message they are trying to convey, the good sense to frame that music in a very accessible format, as well as an exceptional gift and talent to deliver it….then surely Woven Green ranks among the very best. Blessed with a deep creativity married to a passionate commercial sense, they communicate with their audiences in ways many others can only hope for. Their musical skills are tremendous, from Jim’s superlative guitar work and mastery of diverse musical instruments to Ashley’s otherworldly vocal instrument…they are a sonic joy to listen to, and a hypnotic spiritual release to be enveloped in.”

—Marco Delmar, Recording Arts 13-time WAMA Producer of the Year

“If artists are the shaman of the age, then Ashley and Jim Cash of Woven Green are notable guides to help us explore the worlds. Into Bloom is at once a commentary on our personal and private revolution and a sweet invocation to our higher selves. I always feel like I am engaging in the progression of evolving souls when I listen to this gem of a musical creation.”

—Carol Campbell, radio host, WERA 96.7 FM, Arlington, VA

“Woven Green paints musical beauty with which few can compare. They bring a powerful sensitivity as well as an awe-inspiring sonic palette to their work. Always aware of their situation, they know how to work in churches, nightclubs, or outdoor festivals with equal polish and creative fire. I am especially impressed how they add depth to any event requiring reverence and respect; that is why I try to bring them to our church to share their abundant musical talents whenever possible. Jim and Ashley are musical treasures, and their integrity invites people to join them in a spirit of love, respect and a nod to that divine power which transcends us all.”

—Rev. Scott Sammler Michael
Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church – V.O.I.C.E Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement-January 2015

“The first time I listened to Woven Green, I knew I was in the presence of something very special! Instrumentally, Jim Cash is an exceptionally creative guitarist who expresses his music superbly. Then, Ashley Cash begins to sing and everything blends synergistically! Her emotional presence and vocal control evokes shades of Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, and Linda Ronstadt in a totally unique and personal way. Listen more closely, and you begin to hear touches of the poetry of Walt Whitman, Leonard Cohen and Rumi drifting through the lyrics of Jim’s original songs. On top of all this, anyone who meets this wonderfully loving couple immediately senses their sincerity, authenticity, and respect for everyone in their audience. I am always entertained and inspired by listening to Woven Green’s music, and I recommend them without hesitation. If you’re looking for quality original music, it’s Woven Green.”

—Rev Terry Dearmore – Unity Church of Chantilly – January 2015

“…Whatever alchemy Jim Cash uses to whip these tunes together really works, and the band delivers the songs with professional precision. Tight? Well Hell Yeah! I’ve been to dozens of shows in the last year (Memphis, Nashville, Clarksdale MS, DC area), but this one was the best. This is a band that delivers. If ever a group deserved a wider audience, a deeper look, fame and fortune, this is the one. I urge you to seek out one of their upcoming live shows, then prepare for an outstanding performance.”

“Woven Green is a bit off the beaten path; creating wonderfully addictive Pop/Folk/Rock songs with highly unusual subject matter. Ashley Cash is going to get comparisons to Grace Slick, among others, and her voice is well-deserving of praise. Jim Cash’s songwriting is also superb; nuanced and complex without ever overdoing on either quality. Woven Green is a superb introduction [and has] an unusually vibrant and intelligent sound. Woven Green’s debut EP, Woven Green, is sure to please.”

-Wildy’s World December 2009

“Woven Green Weaves some Unique Songs…Woven Green meets their honest aesthetic with songwriting skill…[making] them a band to watch for fans of John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, OAR, Jason Mraz and others of the like…”

—Independent Clauses January 2010

“Woven Green with Jim & Ashley Cash enchant the audience with an artful intensity that is rare and phenomenal. Their creative performances do not go to predictable places, but each aural feast of a musical moment leads to the next one, and it goes exactly where it ought to go.”

—Ron Goad SAW Showcase Director and Member Board of Directors February 2009

“Woven Green blends influences to empower and entertain…”

—Cascades Conection December 2009

“Jim and Ashley Cash: I must describe you two as ‘the dynamic duo!’ Again, wow! What I like most about the performance was that you brought your beliefs and ideas to the stage. It is rare that an artist or group of artists can pull that off without the appearance of being on a ‘soap box.’ The music was true to heart. Thank You!”

—Celestino Zapata, Director – Cultural Stage-Adam’s Morgan Day Festival – September 2008


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