Album – The Great Return on CD


The Great Return is a shamanic voyage through sound and music.  Each track is designed to guide the listener on a journey within.
For the complete journey, listen to all tracks in order. Binaural beats and sonic vibrational healing frequencies are present throughout each track.
Theta brainwave states (deep meditation) are common when listening to these frequencies.
1. Miakoda (22:09) – a Native American word meaning “the power of the moon.” Recorded during the Super Blue Blood Moon in January 2018.
2. Wolf Moon (10:06) – A continuation of the moon energy which calls upon the spirit of the wolf, a powerful ally guiding you towards the teacher within.
3. Upon Arrival (9:07) – This soundscape is intended to both cleanse and activate the etheric body, preparing for entry into mystical realms.
4. Temple of White Tara (10:07) – An invocation of White Tara, the goddess and bodhisattva of compassion and the reliever of suffering.  White Tara is also associated with the moon.
5. Shadowlight (10:56) – This soundscape plays between major and minor keys in juxtaposing moods of shadow and light, creating a dynamic interplay that is designed to bring the listener into wholeness.
6. Chozen (15:56) –  Is a Buddhist word meaning “clear transparent meditation practice.”  This zenful track encourages the honoring of sacred space and the ritual “return” back to source.
JIM CASH flutes, guitars, keyboards, vocals, drums
ASHLEY CASH vocals, drums, percussion, singing bowls, wind gong
NATURE SOUNDS night sounds, barred owl, birds, wind and water recorded in Sterling, Virginia
Wolf and coyote sound recordings from
PHOTO CREDIT Kaveh Sardari
Composed, Produced, Engineered, and Mastered by
Jim and Ashley Cash
© 2018  Starseed Global Publishing
All Rights Reserved


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